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About US

Over 25 years experience in the hotel industry within the professional catering,  hospitality management sectors.


We have superlative culinary skills in specialising in vegan based dietary needs to promote a healthy lifestyle and support an array of benefits that come along with contributing to the environment.


  It has various health benefits like, being rich in certain nutrients.

(potassium, magnesium, foliate vitamins A, C, etc.)

Being Vegan helps towards loosing weight, lowers blood sugar levels, improves kidney functioning, lowers risk of heart diseases, lowers Arthritis pains plus other countless benefits it gives to a human body.


It is very essential to promote a healthy diet during these uncertain times to increase natural immunity to protect against viruses.


Not only does it help the human body but also makes the earth a better place to live with reducing the carbon footprint, availability of fresh water purifying air, improved soil quality, no wildlife or animals are harmed for our food and reducing energy consumption.

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